BRASSAI, Sámuel. Torockó or Torockószentgyörgy 15.6.1797 or 13.2.1800 — Kolozsvár 27.6. 1897. Hungarian Philosopher and Polyhistor, who translated a specimen of the Hitopadeśa in 1884. He was nominated the Professor of Philosophy at the Kolozsvár Unitarian College in 1837 and Professor of Mathematics at the Ludoviceum (school) in Buda­pest in 1848, returned to his old chair in Kolozsvár in 1858. In 1872 Professor at the new Kolozsvár University, retired in 1884. His interests included Hungarian, German, and classical philology, philosophy, and mathematics.

Publications: publications on all above-mentioned fields of interest.

introduction and the first tale of the Hitopadeśa in Hungarian, Erdélyi Múzeum-egylet Kiadványaí 1, 1884, 76-82; tr. William Rice, Tiger-Hunt in India. Pest 1859.

Magyar vagy czigány zene. Kolozsvár 1860 (Hungarian or Gipsy music?)

Sources: Bethlenfalvy 1980, 17; Das geistige Ungarn 1; *Magyar Életrajzi Lex. 1 (with photo); French & German Wikipedia (with different pictures, more details in *Hungarian version).


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