RAWSON, Philip S.

RAWSON, Philip Stanley. Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire 13.1.1924 — 6.11.1995. British Artist and Art Historian. Son of Stanley Walter Rawson, an industrialist, and Phyllis Adeline Bargate. Wducated at Winchester College. After war service studies at Oxford and Courtauld Institute, also Sanskrit and Indian art at S.O.A.S. Dean of School of Art and Design, Uni­ver­sity of London, retired 1984. Also taught painting, sculpture and ceramics at Royal College of Art. Himself a sculptor. Married, one son. A review (RHR 188, 1975) characterises his Tantra, le cute… as a poor book, full of mysticism.

Publications: Indian Painting. 169 p. 153 pl. L. – N.Y. 1961; Indian Sculpture. 159 p. N.Y. 1966.

Erotic Art of the East. 13+380 p. N.Y. 1968.

The Indian sword. 12+108 p. 48 pl. L. 1968.

Tantra. Introduction and Catalogue. 130 p. 548 ill. 1972; The art of Tantra. 216 p. 169 ill. L. 1973.

Tantra, le culte indien de l’extase. 128 p. 69 pl. P. 1973.

Sacred Tibet. 96 p. 1991; other works.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet, photo in https://www.librarything.com/author/rawsonphilip.

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