BROUGHTON, Thomas Duer

BROUGHTON, Thomas Duer. 1778 — London 16.11.1835. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Rev. Thomas Br. (Rector of St.Peter’s in Bristol), educated at Eton. Joined the Bengal Army in 1795, lieutenant 1797. Participated in the siege of Seringapatam 1799. In 1802 military resident with the Mahrattas. In 1811-15 in England, then for a brief period commander of British Java before it was restored to the Dutch. Then in Bengal, before returning to England. Colonel 1829.

Publications: Letters from a Mahratta Camp during the year 1809, descriptive of the character, manners, domestic habits, and religious ceremonies of the Mahrattas. L. 1813; translated: Selections from the Popular Poetry of the Hindus. L. 1814.

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