SANDERSON, Daniel. 1810 — 1???. Rev. British Wesleyan Missionary in India. Methodist missionary in Mysore State (Bangalore, Mysore, Tumkur, Gubbi) in 1842-67. Back in the U.K. Director of Richmond Theological College in London. Married with Sarah, children.

Publications: Translated (with text): The Jaimini Bharata. A Celebrated Canarese Poem. 219 p. Bangalore 1852.

W. Reeve: Dictionary, Kannada and English. Revised, corrected and enlarged by D. Sanderson. 1040 p. Bangalore 1858; also rev. R. G. Hodson’s  Dialogues in Canarese. 1858, 2nd ed. 226 p. Bangalore 1865.

Katha Sangraha, or Canarese Selections. 6+562 p. Bangalore 1868.

Sources: Wikipedia; stray notes in Internet.

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