BROWN, William

BROWN, William. 1757/67? — 1837. British Civil Servant in India. Senior merchant in Madras in the 1810s. Completed his dictionary, with the help of Telugu pandits, in 1807.

Publications: Anonymously pubished: A Grammar of Gentoo Language, as it is understood and spoken by the Gentoo People, re­siding north and north-westward of Madras. By a Civil Servant under the Presidency of Fort. St. George, many years resident in the Northern Circars. Madras 1807 or 1817 (or Masulipatam 1817) (Telugu).

A Vocabulary of Gentoo and English. Madras 1818 (Telugu, by “a Senior Merchant of the Madras Establishment, name in the end of Preface).

Sources: Stray notes in Internet (difficult to find for such a common name); not in the Br. Biogr. Arch.

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