BROWNE, James. 1744 — 1792. British Colonial Officer in India. Major. Joined Indian army in 1765, 1772 aide-de-camp of Warren Hastings. “Collector of the Jungleterry districts, 1773; had difficult work in administering the country and settling disturbances. Sent by the Council on an embassy to Shah Alam at Delhi to negotiate with him for assistance against the Sikhs, but this Mughal mission was a failute. Resident at Delhi, 1782. Recalled, when Warren Hastings left for England, 1785.” In 1788 returned to India, married and had one son.

Publications: Indian Tracts: Containing a Description of the Jungle Terry Districts, Their Revenues, Trade, and Government: With a Flan for the Improvement of Them. Also an History of the Origin and Progress of the Sicks. 118 p. L. 1787 (Terry = Terai), the latter part now re-edited as: History of the origin and progress of the Sikhs. Edited and annotated by Ganda Singh. N.D. 1973.

– “An account of the battle of Panipat and of the evets leading to it”, As. Res. 3, 1793, 8° ed. 1799, 450-511 (transl. from Persian of Casi Raja Pandit, in the 18th century).

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; *K.D. Bhargava (ed.), The Browne Correspondence. 13+12+363 p. 3 pl. Indian Records Series. N.D. 1960.

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