BUCK, Carl Darling

BUCK, Carl Darling. Orland Me. 2.10.1866 — Chicago Ill. 8.2.1955. U.S. Linguist (IE and Classical Scholar). Professor in Chicago. Son of Edward B. and Emeline Darling. Educated at Yale: A.B. 1886, Ph.D. 1889; then 1887-89 at American School of Classical Studies in Athens, and 1889-92 at Leipzig. Student of Whitney and G. Curtius. Then taught at the University of Chicago: 1892-94 Assistant Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative IE Philology, 1894-1900 Associate Professor, and 1900-1933 Professor of the same, 1903-33 also head of the department. In 1933 emeritus. Ph.D.h.c. 1912 Athens, Litt.D. 1935 Princeton. Married in 1889 with Clarinda Darling Swazey, two sons and one daughter.

CDB was a minute linguist who did valuable detail work, but was deemed an uninspiring teacher. Worked much on Italic languages and Greek dialects. Among his students was Sturtevant.

Publications: diss. The Choregia in Athens and Ikaria. MS. 1889, publ. in AJA 5, 1899, 18-33 and in ASCSA Papers 5, 1892, 77-92.

– “The Accusative Plural of Ḭ-, Ṷ- and R-Stems in Sanskrit and Avestan”, AJPh 11, 1890, 291-301; “Brugmann’s Law and the Sanskrit Vṛddhi”, AJPh 17, 1896, 445-472; “Words of Speaking and Saying in the Indo-European Languages”, AJPh 36, 1915, 1-18 & 125-154 (including Indo-Iranian, even NIA); and other articles in AJPh and ClPh, especially much on Greek.

Vocalismus der oskischen Sprache. Lp. 1892; Grammar of Oscan and Umbrian. Boston 1904.

with Hale: Latin Grammar. Boston 1903.

Introduction to the study of Greek dialects. Boston 1909, rev. 2nd ed. 1928; Dental terminations 1. Studies in Greek Noun-Formations. Chicago 1918; Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin. 405 p. Chicago 1933; A reverse index of Greek Nouns and Adjectives. Chicago 1943.

Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in principal Indo-European languages. Chicago 1949.

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