BUDMANI, Petar (Pero). Dubrovnik 27.10.1835 — Castel Ferretti near Ancona 27.12.1914. Croatian Slavic Linguist. Studied Sanskrit and several other subjects at Vienna University in the 1860s. In 1868-82 Professor at Dubrovnik Gymnasium. Active in Serb Catholic Movement there. Stayed also much in Italy, where he had a house near Ancona. In 1883 he moved to Zagreb, where he worked 24 years, till 1904, as the redactor of the great Serbocroatian dictionary. In 1907 retired to Italy. He made the first direct translations from Sanskrit to Croatian.

Publications: a Serbo-Croatian grammar in Italian. Vienna 1866-67; a Russian grammar.

translated from Sanskrit: Pet priporjedaka. Dubrovnik 1865 (5 tales from the Pañcatantra); “Sakuntala. Indijska drama. Spjevao Kalidas”, Slovinac 1879.

edited vols. 2-6 of the Serbo-Croatian dictionary published by JAZU, Zagreb 1883-1904; edited Croatian texts of the renaissance period.

Sources: Vyncke 1973, 532; *Enciklopedija Jugoslavije 2. Zagreb 1956, 252f., id. 2. Z. 1982, 531 (with photo and further references).


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