BÜCHLER, Pál. Bácstótváros (Tovariševo in Serbian Vojvodina) 25.1.1877 — Târgu Mureş 7.7.1946. Hungarian (of Transylvania) Philologist and Translator interested in Sanskrit. Ph.D. 1907 Budapest (diss. on Homer). In 1916/18 Oberlehrer in Marosvásárhely (now Târgu-Mureş) in Transylvania, in 1926/30 Professor at Commercial School in Târgu-Mureş, now in Romania. He translated parts of the Mānavadharmaśāstra in Hungarian and worked on the Tantrākhyāyika (never published, probably lost).

Publications: Manu törvénykönyve. Mánava dharmasásztra. 262 p. Koloszvár 1916.

Review of Hertel’s Das Pañcatantra, Egyetemes Philologiai Közlöny 42, 1918, 434-440.

Wrote articles in the Hungarian lexicon of world literature in 1930.

Sources: Wojtilla 1977, 180; also briefly mentioned in Bethlenfalvy 1980, 20; (*)Magyar Életrajzi Lexikon 1978-1991; Puskás 1991; member-lists of D.M.G. 1916, 1918, 1926, 1930; *Hungarian Wikipedia.

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