BÜHLER, Johann Michael

BÜHLER, Johann Michael. 18?? — India 7.6.1854. German Indologist and Missionary in South India. After several years of Sanskrit studies in Germany (perhaps under Ewald, with whom he later corresponded) he left for India as a missionary of Basel Mission in 1846. He arrived in Calicut in January 1847 and settled down in Kateri (Kaity) in the Nilgiris founding the Toda mission together with Weigle. He was interested in languages and learnt quickly Kannaḍa and Badaga. During the few years before his early death he collected and worked specimens of Badaga folklore and sent them to D.M.G.

Publications: a MS.: Belasêvana Kathê und Bêlamâda Kathê, zwei Gedichte in Badaga-Sprache und Canaresischer Schrift. 150 p. Text, transl. and notes. Sent to Germany in 1852, deposited in the library of D.M.G.

Badaga text and translation: “Ueber das Volk und die Sprache der Badaga im dekhanischen Indien[Keilasakathe]”, ZDMG 3, 1849, 110-118; “Badaga-Gebet über einen Todten”, ZDMG 5, 1851, 385-390; “Hundert Badaga Sprichwörter”, ZDMG 7, 1853, 381-389.

Sources: H.-J. Peuke, “Zwei unveröffentlichte Badaga-Gedichte in der Universität- und Landesbibliothek Halle”, Wiss. Bez. zwischen Halle und Indien. H. 1987, 19-25; not in A.D.B., N.D.B., Deutsches biogr. Archiv 1st & 2nd series.


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