BÜRK, Albert

BÜRK, Albert. 18?? — 19??. German or Austrian Indologist. No Indological diss. in Janert, not a member of D.M.G. In 1901/02 he was in Tübingen, perhaps a student of Garbe. As the name is far from unique and without any personal information, one cannot say, whether the Indological and non-Indological publications are by the same man. One Albert Bürk wrote on German history in 1900/05. In 1923 Albert Bürk published a monograph about paedagogy of Isocrates, in 1927 about constitutional law. In 1953 Albert Bürk and Wilhelm Wille compiled the Tübingen University Matrikel.

Publications: “Über die Theorie der Schlussfolgerung nach der Sāṁkhyatattva­kaumudī”, WZKM 15, 1901, 251-264.

Edited and translated: “Das Āpastamba-Śulba-Sūtra”, ZDMG 55, 1901, 543-591; 56, 1902, 327-391.

Sources: Neither in N.D.B., D.Lit.Kal., Dt. biogr. Archiv, nor in Ö.B.L., Hist.-biogr. Lex. der Schweiz, Magyar Életr. Lex., Polski Sł. Biogr., no works in the Ges.Vz.; member lists of D.M.G. in ZDMG 1902 and 1904.

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