BÜRK, Albert

BÜRK, Albert. 18?? — 19??. German or Austrian Indologist. No Indological diss. in Janert, not member of D.M.G. In 1901/02 he was in Tübingen, perhaps a student of Garbe. As the name is far from unique and without any personal information, one cannot say, whether following publications are by the same. One AB wrote on Germanistics in 1905. In 1923 AB published a monograph about paedagogy of Isocrates, in 1927 about constitutional law. In 1953 AB and Wilhelm Wille compiled the Tübingen Univ. Matrikel.

Publications: “Über die Theorie der Schlussfolgerung nach der Sāṁkhyatattva­kaumudī”, WZKM 15, 1901, 251-264.

Edited and translated: “Das Āpastamba-Śulba-Sūtra”, ZDMG 55, 1901, 543-591; 56, 1902, 327-391.

Sources: Neither in N.D.B., D.Lit.Kal., Dt. biogr. Archiv, nor in Ö.B.L., Hist.-biogr. Lex. der Schweiz, Magyar Életr. Lex., Polski Sł. Biogr., no works in the Ges.Vz.; member lists of D.M.G. in ZDMG 1902 and 1904.

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