SMÉKAL, Odolen

SMÉKAL, Odolen. Olomouc 18.8.1928 — Prague 17.6.1998. Czech Indologist (Hindi Scholar). Son of Vaclav Martin Smékal and Anežka Smičková. Studies at Charles University in Prague. Ph.D. in Hindi. Apparently taught Hindi at Charles University. Married with Helena Cassinelli, children.

Publications: A Hindi grammar and textbooks in Czech and English, several Czech translations from Hindi (e.g. Godan of Premcand, with M. Navrátil, 1957).

On the Question in Periodisation of Modern Hindi Literature. Dissertationes Orientales 4. 1965

– “A Contribution to the Study of the Hindi Village Novel”, Acta Universitatis Carolinae 1965; “Notes on the Conception of Tradition in Hindi poetry”, Literaturen Asiens und Africas 1981.

Poetry in Hindi.

Sources:; * (in Czech).

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