St. JOHN, Richard Fleming

St. JOHN, Richard Fleming. 12.9.1839 — 6.2.1919. British Officer and Burmese Scholar. M.A. Oxford. Lieutenant. Deputy Commissioner in Burma. In the 1890s he taught Burmese at Oxford and at University College in London (1894), at least at Oxford continued until the 1910s. Twice married, six children.

Publications: “Bhūridatta Jātaka Vatthu”, JRAS 1892, 77-139 (ed. gāthās, transl. whole).

Transl. from Burmese: “The Temiya Jātaka Vatthu”, JRAS 1893, 357-391; “The Kumbha Jātaka”, JRAS 1893, 567-570; “The Suvaṇṇa Jātaka”, JRAS 1894, 211-229; “The Vidhūra Jātaka”, JRAS 1896, 441-475.

Further short papers on Jātakas in Trübner’s Or. Rec. and other journals in the late 19th century.

A Burmese Reader. 256 p. Oxford 1894; Burmese Self Taught. 168 p. L. 1911.

Sources: Briefly mentioned in Wikipedia; stray notes, title page of his 1894 book; family details in

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