SPRATT, Philip

SPRATT, Philip. Camberwell 26.9.1902 — Madras 8.3.1971. British Journalist and Politician in India. Son of Herbert S., a schoolmaster. From 1921 studied mathematics at Downing College, Cambridge, soon became communist. In 1926 went to India as a Comintern agent, arrested 1927, but released. In 1929 again arrested on Meerut Conspiracy Case, sentenced to 12 years, but released in 1934. Again in prison 1934-37. The Russian attack to Finland in 1939 estranged him from Communism and in 1943 joined M. N. Roy’s Radical Democratic Party. In the 1950s Chief Editor of a pro-American and pro-Capitalist weekly named MysIndia in Bangalore, until 1964. Then editor of the Swarajya in Madras. Still active in politics, i.al. defended Kashmir’s independence. Died of cancer.

Publications: numerous books, articles, translations, etc.

Blowing Up India: Reminiscences and Reflections of a Comintern Emissary. Calcutta 1955.

Hindu Culture and Personality: A Psychoanalytic Study. Bombay 1966.

Sources: Wikipedia with photo.

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