SPRATT, Philip

SPRATT, Philip. Camberwell, London 26.9.1902 — Madras 8.3.1971. British Journalist and Politician in India. Son of Herbert S., a schoolmaster, and his wife Norah, a Baptist home. From 1921 studied mathematics at Downing College, Cambridge, soon became communist. In 1926 went to India as a Comintern agent, arrested 1927, but released. In 1929 again arrested on Meerut Conspiracy Case, sentenced to 12 years, but released in 1934. Soon again in prison, 1934-37. The Russian attack to Finland in 1939 estranged him from Communism and in 1943 joined M. N. Roy’s Radical Democratic Party. In the 1950s Chief Editor of a pro-American and pro-Capitalist weekly named MysIndia in Bangalore, until 1964. Then editor of the Swarajya in Madras. Still active in politics, i.al. defended Kashmir’s independence. Died of cancer. Married 1939 Seetha, three sons and one daughter.

Publications: Numerous books, articles, translations (Renou’s books on Indian history), etc.

Gandhism: an analysis. 12+560 p. Madras 1939.

Blowing Up India: Reminiscences and Reflections of a Comintern Emissary. 117 p. Calcutta 1955.

Hindu Culture and Personality: A Psychoanalytic Study. 9+400 p. Bombay 1966.

D.M.K. in Power. 164 p. Bombay 1970 (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam).

Sources: Wikipedia with photo.

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