BURNES, James. 12.2.1801 — 19.9.1862. British (Scots) Physician in India. Son of James B., brother of —> A. B. Educated at Edinburgh University and in London hospitals, went to Bombay with his brother in 1821. Served as Residency Surgeon in Cutch, participated in 1825 in the expedition against Sindh. Visited the country again in 1827, now invited by local Amirs. From 1837 held medical and other scientific appointments in Bombay. Retired in 1849 as Physician-General. LL.D. 1834 Glasgow.

Publications: Narrative of a visit to the court of Sinde. Bombay 1829, 2nd ed. 253 p. Edinburgh 1831; A Sketch of the History of Cutch. Edinburgh 1839.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary.


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