BURNEY, Henry. 27.2.1792 — at sea 4.3.1845. British Colonial Officer (Captain, 1834 Lieutenant-Colonel) in South-East Asia (Burma). Son of Richard Thomas and Jane B. Attached to the 20th Marine N.I. served at Prince of Wales’ Island. Because of his knowledge of local conditions and Malay language he was appointed Military Secretary of Penang Government and employed in negotiations with Malay and Thai chiefs. In 1825-27 Political Agent to Siamese States, 1827-29 Deputy Commissioner of Tenasserim, 1829-38 Resident at the Court of Ava. In 1842 returned to India. In addition to Burmese and Malay, he knew Pāli and collected an unpublished dictionary of the language.

Publications: several papers on Burma in the JASB, a Historical Review of the Political Relations between British India and Ava. 18??.

The Journal of Henry Burney in the Capital of Burma 1830–1832. 121 p. 1995.

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