SZERB, János

SZERB, János. Budapest 7.1.1951 — Vienna 6.10.1988. Hungarian Tibetologist. Studies at Budapest. Ph.D. 1982. In 1984-88 in Ö.A.W, Forschungsstelle für Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens, in Vienna. Interested in Tibetan history and religion, also including Mongolian Buddhism. Also a poet. Committed suicide.

Publications: “Glosses on the Oeuvre of Bla-ma ’Phags-pa: 2. Some Notes on the Events of the years 1251–1254”, AOHu 34, 1980, 263-285.

Bu Ston’s History of Buddhism in Tibet. Critical edition ed. by H. Krasser. 21+216 p. Sb.Öst.Ak. 569. Vienna 1990.

A Buddhist Terminological Dictionary: The Mongolian Mahavyutpatti. Ed. by Alice Sárközi. 835 p. Bibl. Or. Hung. 42 / Asiatische Forschungen 130. Budapest & Wiesbaden 1995.

Sources: *Krasser in Bu Ston; A. Macdonald, Generation West: Hungarian Modernism and the Writers of the Nyugat review. Diss. Vancouver 2009, 221, note 8; in Hungarian in

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