SÜTTERLIN, Ludwig. Heidelberg 16.11.1863 — Freiburg i. Br. 3.4.1934. German Linguist. Studies at Heidelberg (Osthoff) and Leipzig. PD 1890 Heidelberg, from 1896 ao. Professor für Germanistik there. In 1913 accepted the chair of comparative linguistics at Freiburg.

Publications: “Die Denominativverba im Altindischen”, IF 19, 1906, 480-577.

Much on German and general linguistics, also on folklore.

Sources: *W. Kuhlmann, Idg. Jb. 20, 1936, 336-343; www.indogermanistik.uni-freiburg.de/seminar/historia.html; German Wikipedia with photo (from Idg. Jb. 19, 1935); the same photo in TITUS Galeria.

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