THORNTON, Thomas Henry

THORNTON, Thomas Henry. London (?) 1832 — Bath 10.3.1913. British Civil Servant in India. Son of a Times journalist, Thomas Th., and his wife Elizabeth. Educated at Merchant Taylor’s School, studies at Oxford (St.John’s, 1855 its Fellow). In 1855 entered I.C.S. as one of the first “competition-wallahs”. Served in the Punjab, participated in 1857 battles. In 1864-76 Secretary to the Punjab Government, 1878-81 Judge of the Punjab Chief Court, then retired disappointed (when only 49). Living in London, later in Bath. C.S.I.

Publications: “Specimen Songs from Panjab Literature and Folklore”, JRAS 17, 1885, 373-414; some further articles and reviews.

Colonel Sir Robert Sandeman: His Life and Work on Our Indian Frontier. A Memoir, with Selections from His Correspondence and Official Writings. 24+392 p. L. 1895.

General Sir Richard Meade and the Feudatory States of Central and Southern India: A Record of Forty-three Year’s Service as Soldier, Political Officer and Administrator. 26+390 p. L. 1898.

Sources: H. M. Durand, JRAS 1913, 739-742; Wikipedia

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