CAIN, John

CAIN, John. 18?? — 17.3.1917. Rev. British Missionary in India. Arrived in India in 1869, from 1874 in Dummagudem in Godavari dt. Married 1880 Sarah Davies, the first Australian missionary in India. Participated in the revision of the Telugu Bible.

Publications: “The Bhadrachelkam and Rekapalli Taluqas”, IA 8, 1879, 33-36, 215-221; 10, 1881, 259-264 (on Kois and their language); “The Koi, a Southern Tribe of the Gond”, JRAS 13, 1881, 410-428.

Sources:, with link to obituary in The Harvest Field 37:5, May 1917, 195f.; not in the Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st & 2nd series


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