WESTPHAL-HELLBUSCH, Sigrid. Rendsburg 10.6.1915 — Oldenburg 1.2.1984. German Anthropologist. Professor in Berlin. Grew up in Berlin. From 1935 studied Anthropology, Geography and Psychology at Berlin. Ph.D. 1940. Then worked at Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde 1940-45. PD 1946 Berlin (Humboldt University), in 1951-53 Professor there. Moved to West Berlin, she was PD, from 1957 ao. Professor and from 1965 Professor of Ethnology at Freie Universität Berlin, until 1970, from 1970 Director of West Asian Department of Museum für Völkerkunde in Berlin. Field-work in Irak 1955/56, in Pakistan 1961/62, and in India (Cutch) 1963/64. Retired 1976, spent her last years in Oldenburg. In fieldwork she collaborated with her husband Heinz Westphal who was also the photographer of the team.

Publications: Diss. 1940 on the hunting practices of native Australians, habdiss. on their totemism, 1946.

With H. Westphal: Die Ma’dan. Kultur und Geschichte der Menschenbewohner im Süd-Iraq. 355 p. B. 1962; other writings.

With H. Westphal: The Jat of Pakistan. 110 p. Forschungen zur Ethnologie und Sozialpsychologie 5. B. 1964; Zur Geschichte und Kultur der Jat. 367 p. Forsch. zur Ethnol. und Sozialps. 7. B. 1968; Hinduistische Viehzüchter im nord-westlichen Indien. 1. Die Rabari. 358 p. Forsch. zur Ethnol. und Sozialpsych. 8. B. 1974; 2. Die Bharvad und die Charan. 262 p. Ibid. 9. B. 1976.

Sources: Brief note in German Scholars on India. 1973, 423f.; *G. Dombrowski, Z. für Ethnol. 111, 1986, 1-10; *K. Krieger, Baessler-Archiv N.F. 32, 1984; www.germananthropology.com/short-portrait/sigrid-westphal-hellbusch/290 with photo; German Wikipedia.

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