CALMBERG, Ernst Philipp Ludwig

CALMBERG, Ernst Philipp Ludwig. Wasungen, Sachsen-Meiningen 12.4.1794 — Hamburg 29.1.1851. German Schoolteacher and Philologist. Son of a deacon (then minister), educated at village school and Meiningen Lyceum. Studies of theology and philology at Jena. Worked as a tutor and from 1819 as a teacher at Johanneum in Hamburg, where, from 1822 as Professor, he remained until his death. A Lic. theol. was conferred to him in 1830, a dr. philos. in 1844, both by Jena University. In 1824 married Enny Griem, no children. His sincere interest in Sanskrit led him to entirely fantastic etymologies.

Publications: Historia Johannei Hamburgensis. 8+235+14 p. Hamburg 1829, also in German.

De utilitate quae ex accurata linguae sanscritae cognitione in linguae graecae latinaeque etymologiam redundet, brevis dissertatio. 68 p. Hamburgi 1832 (severely criticized, see Ewald in GGA 1832, 1121-1123, & Pott Jb.f.wiss.Kr. 1832:2, 388f. – “wertlos”).

Liber Esterae interpretatione latina brevique commentario illustrata. 50 p. Hbg. 1837; Novae editionis Valerii Maximi specimen. 32 p. Hbg. 1844 – these also appeared in Krafts Osterprogr.

Sources: Schröder, Lex. der hamburgischen Schiftsteller 1, 1851 in Deutsches biogr. Archiv.

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