WRIGHT, Henry Nelson

WRIGHT, Henry Nelson. 1870 — 1941. British Civl, Servant and Numismatician In India. His coin collection is now divided between British and Delhi Museums.

Publications: Catalogue of the Coins in the Indian Museum, Calcutta. 2. Coins of Sultans of Delhi and other contemporary Moslem rulers. Oxford 1907; 3. Coins of the Mughals. 360 p. 22 pl. Oxford 1908.

– “The coinage of the Sulṭāns of Mālwā”, NC 1932.

The Coinage and Metrology of the Sultans of Dehlī. 20+432 p. 24 pl. L. 1936.

Sources: *Proc. of the Royal Numismatic Soc. 1, 1941, 1-20; briefly in Wikipedia.

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