CAMÕES, Luís Vaz de

CAMÕES, Luís Vaz de. Coimbra 1524/25 — Lisbon 10.6.1580. Portuguese Poet. Born in a poor Galician noble family, lived in Lisbon. 1547-50 in African war, 1553-67 in India (1556-58 in Malacca and Moluques, 1558 in Macao). He was quarrelsome, and easily driven into difficulties. Wrote his epic during his stay in India, but earned with it only a small pension from the king and lived in poverty. Died in the blague.

Publications: Os Lusiadas. Lisbon 1572, numerous editions and translations.

Sources: *Grande Enc. Port. e Bras.; *Wikipedia with picture and many references.


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