CAMPBELL, Alexander Duncan

CAMPBELL, Alexander Duncan. 1786 — 1857. British (Scots) Civil Servant in India, interested in Telugu. Served at Madras Civil Service, in 1806 collector and magistrate in Bellary, 1827 in Tanjore, in India at least until 1835, when his son, future major-general Alexander C. was born in Madras. Active in Madras Literary Society.

Publications: A Grammar of the Teloogoo Language. 204 p. 1811 (L. 1816?), 2nd ed. 1820, 3rd 1849.

– ‪A Dictionary of the Teloogoo Language, Commonly Termed the Gentoo, Peculiar to the Hindoos of the North Eastern Provinces of the Indian Peninsula, Madras 1821, 2nd ed. 644 p. 1848.

Sources: Not in Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st & 2nd series (but son briefly noted); *Duncan Campbell, Records of clan Campbell in the military service of the honourable East India Company: 1600-1858. London 1925 may be useful, but unavailable to me.


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