ABEL, Iwarus (Ivar)

ABEL, Iwarus (Ivar). Ejstrup Mølle, Asferg Sogn near Randers 1720 — Fredensborg 1788. Danish Linguist. Son of Jens Iversen Abel, a miller, and Karen Jensdatter. Educated in Viborg, studied law at Copenhagen. In 1761-71 worked as procurator in Copenhagen city court, now also became interested in languages. Married with Maria Frost. Like many in this time, he still believed Hebrew to be the mother tongue of all languages. The third work compares Fenno-Ugrian, Tatarian and Mongolian languages, while the Schediasma includes even some notes on Greenlandish.

Publications: Index unisonum Hebraicus. Hafniae 1765

Symphona Symphona, sive undecim Linguarum Orientalium Discors exhibita Concordia Tamulicae videlicet, Granthamicae, Telugicae, samscrutamicae, Marathicae, Balabandicae, Canaricae, Hindostanicae, Cuncanicae, Gutzaratticae et Peguanicae non characteristicae, quibus et explicativo-harmonica adjecta est Latine. Hafniae 1782.

Gentium Boreo-Orientalium vulgo Tatarorum harmonia linguarum. Hafniae 1782; Schediasma etymologico-philologicum, prodromum Americano-grönlandicum infronte gerens. Hafniae 1783.

Sources: V. Thomsen, D.B.L. 1, 1887, 35f.; geni.com; Danish Wikipedia.

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