CAPPIERI, Mario. 1894 — 1979. Italian Anthropologist. Professor of Anthropology in Rome (in the 1950s Assistant).

Publications: L’India preistorica. 233 p. 32 pl. Firenze 1960.

– “Ist die Indus-Kultur und ihre Bevolkerung wirklich verschwunden?”, Anthropos 60, 1965, 719-762.

– The population of the Indus Civilisation. 46 p. Miami 1970.

– The Mediterranean race in Asia before the iron age. 28 p. Field Research Projects, Occ. Paper 8. Miami 1969.

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– The Andamanese: cultural elements, elements of demogenetics, physical anthropology, and raciology. Ed. by Henry Field. 93 p. Field Research Projects. Study no. 89. Miami 1974.

– Books on archaeology of other regions and racial studies until 1979.

Sources: Books often mentioned, nothing about the person.

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