CARL, Jean

CARL, Jean. Saint-Dié-des-Vosges 23.9.1900 — London 3.4.1941. French Architect and Archeologist. Son of Jules Antoine Carl and Zénéide Riabon. In the 1920s he was in Maison Franco-Japonais in Tokyo, then Hackin’s assistant in the French excavations in Afghanistan in 1928-40, participating in the most part of his projects and in 1937 alone excavated Fondukistan. Like Hackin he left in 1940 for England in order to join the forces of France Libre. Suicide.

Publications: Coauthor (with Hackin) in M.D.A.F.A. 3 (Bamiyan) 1933, 7 (Col de Khair khaneh) 1936, 11 (Begram) 1954.

Several articles in M.D.A.F.A. 8 (Diverses recherches), P. 1959: i. al. p. 13-18 “Le fortin du Saka et le monastère de Guldara” and 59-81 “Fouilles dans le site de Shahr-i-Banu et sondages du Zaker-Tépé”.

Sources: Stray notes in Olivier-Utard 1997; two photos in Nouvelles recherches archéologiques à Begram. M.D.A.F.A. 11. 1954;

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