CARL, Jean

CARL, Jean. 1900 — London 3.4.1941. French Architect and Archeologist. In the 1920s he was in Maison Franco-Japonais in Tokyo, then Hackin’s assistant in the French excavations in Afghanistan in 1928-40. Like Hackin he left in 1940 for England in order to join the forces of France Libre.

Publications: coauthor (with Hackin) in MDAFA 3 (Bamiyan) 1933, 7 (Col de Khair khaneh) 1936, 11 (Begram) 1954.

several articles in MDAFA 8 (Diverses recherches), P. 1959: i. al. p. 13-18 “Le fortin du Saka et le monastère de Guldara”; 59-81 “Fouilles dans le site de Shahr-i-Banu et sondages du Zaker-Tépé”.

Sources: two photos in Nouvelles recherches archéologiques à Begram. MDAFA 11. 1954.


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