BARBOUR, Philip Lemont.

BARBOUR, Philip Lemont. Louisville, Kentucky 21.12.1898 — Petersburg, Virginia 21.12.1980. U.S. Linguist, Historian and Radio Broadcaster. Son of Philip Foster B., a physician, and Jessie A. Lemont. In 1910 moved with his divorced mother ans sisters to New York. Studies of history and languages at Columbia and Cornell Universities, but never graduated. For a while lived in the South-West and in Mexico, in 1929-34 in Italy working a journalist and in radio. Back in the U.S.A. in 1937, now in radio work in Boston and New York. In 1942-46 served in the army, then in U.S. military government in Berlin to 1948. Then 1948-53 in Radio Free Europe. Then living in Newton, Connecticut until the end of his life.

Publications: “Buruçaskī, a Language of Northern Kashmir”, JAOS 41, 1921, 60-72.

Later published a number of books on American and European history.

Sources: His personal life is poorly known, but the long Wikipedia article contains many details, with full reference to sources.

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