BATAILLARD, Paul Théodore

BATAILLARD, Paul Théodore. Paeis 23.3.1816 — Paris 1.3.1894. French Archivist and Gypsy Scholar. Son of Pierre Charles B. and Agathe Vasse. Studies at Ecole de chartes. In the 1850s in French Indochine. From 1877 Archivist of Faculté de Médécine in Paris. Married 1849 Élisa Waldor (d. 1852, one daughter) and 1853 Charlotte Willard (two daughters, one son). He had also relations with Romania, campaigning for its independence.

Publications: “De l’apparition et de la dispersion des Bohémiens en Europe”, Bibliothèque de l’Ecole des chartes 5, 1844, 438-475; “Sur la langue des Bohémiens”, Bull. de la Soc. d’Anthopologie de Paris 11:19:2, 1874, ??-??.

Les derniers travaux relatifs aux Bohémiens de l’Europe Orientale. P. 1875.

Other writings.

Sources: Briefly in French Wikipédia;

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