BENNETT, Adrienne A. G

BENNETT, Adrienne A. G. 1??? — 1???. Mrs. Studied mathematics and physics, then changed to painting. Lived 14 years in India. In 1949-52 Librarian of the Buddhist Society, London, 1951-52 also the editor of The Middle Way. Apparently she knew both Pāli and Sanskrit. Also in Maha Bodhi Society, active there in 1956/66.

Publications: Long discourses of the Buddha (Dīgha-Nikāya I–XVI). Translated from Pāli. 237 p. Bombay n.d. (1964); articles on Buddhist topics, often in Maha Bodhi.

Puja: The Triratna Book of Buddhist Devotional Texts. Transl. by AAGB, ed. by Sangharakshita. Many editions.

Sources:; not in British Biogr. Archives 1st & 2nd series, not in N.U.C.

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