BENNETT, Adrienne A. G

BENNETT, Adrienne Audrey G. 1892 — 1972. Mrs. Britishwoman interested in Buddhism. Studied mathematics and physics, then changed to painting (several exhibitions in London). Lived 14 years in India and China. In WW II engaged in linguistic work, then turned to Buddhist studies. In 1949-52 Librarian of the Buddhist Society, London, 1951-52 also the editor of The Middle Way. Apparently she knew both Pāli and Sanskrit. Also in Maha Bodhi Society, active there in 1956/66. Married, husband died of cancer. The information is scanty, but probably she is Adrienne Audrey G. Bennett (1892–1972) of the U.K. in my heritage pages.

Publications: Long discourses of the Buddha (Dīgha-Nikāya I–XVI). Translated from Pāli. 237 p. Bombay n.d. (1964); articles on Buddhist topics, often in Maha Bodhi.

Puja: The Triratna Book of Buddhist Devotional Texts. Transl. by A.A.G.B., ed. by Sangharakshita. Many editions.

Sources:; not in British Biogr. Archives 1st & 2nd series, not in N.U.C.

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