CHANNING, Eva. 18?? — 1???. U.S. Student of Indology. Born in a wealthy Boston family, studied at Boston University, graduated 1877. Then studied in Paris and Leipzig (with special permission) until 1882. Probably became a teacher in Boston. She was the first female member of both the American Oriental Society and the American Philological Association and acquainted with Whitney. She is described a a free spirit, adventurous and outspoken. Nantuckethistoricalassociation homepage mentions an Eva Ch. born in 17.5.1854. Vassar Collections homepage mentions a letter by her to Marian Parker Whitney as late as 1898. Probably he was that “Eva Ch. of Boston, who visited California in summer 1908 [and] was a firm believer in national parks” (Merchant).

Publications: M.A. thesis Myth-Genesis explained by Comparative Mythology. MS. 1877.

– “On Negative Clauses in the Rigveda”, JAOS 13, 1889, PAOS for 1886, xcix-cii.

translated: Delbrück, Introduction to the Study of Language. Lp. 1882 (with her preface, x-xii); Pestalozzi, Leonard and Gertrude. Boston 1885.

review of Delbrück’s Einleitung. AJPh 5, 1884, 251f.

Sources: works in the N.U.C.; S.G. Alter, William Dwight Whitney and the Science of Language. Baltimore 2005, 312, note 68; C. Merchant, Earthcare. Women and the Environment. L. 1996, 133; S.L. Singer, Adventure Abroad. North American Women at German-Speaking Universities, 1868–1915. L. 2003, 56f.; several archives contain letters by Eva Ch. – perhaps they should be studied.


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