HANTRAINE, Pierre Louis

CHANTRAINE, Pierre Louis. Lille 15.9.1899 — Paris 30.6.1974. French Classical (Greek) Scholar and Linguist interested in India. Professor in Paris. Son of a classical scholar. Educated in Cambrai, studies in Paris and Lille (Ernout), in 1922–25 again in Paris (Meillet, also Vendryes, Bloch, P. Mazon). Ph.D. 1927. In 1925–28 maître de conferences in Lyon, from 1928 in Paris, in 1928-69 directeur d’études grecques at E.P.H.E. Section 4 and from 1938 at Sorbonne (Professor 1945, directeur de la section de grec 1959), retired 1969. Member of A.I.B.L. 1953. He was also among pioneers of Mycenean studies. Married.

Publications: Dissertations in 1927: Arrien, L’Inde (ed. & tr.), and Histoire du parfait grec; many other publications on classical philology, especially on Greek language, e.g.:

Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue grecque. 1-4. 18+1368 p. P. 1968-80.

Sources: M. Lejeune, CRAI 1974, 629-639 with photo; French Wikipédia with two photos (one also in the brief English version).

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