CHILDE, Vere Gordon

CHILDE, Vere Gordon. Sydney 14.4.1892 — Blackheath, NSW, Australia 19.10.1957. Australian Archaeologist and Historian in the U.K. Son of the Rev. S. H. Ch. Educated at Church of England Grammar School and Sydney University. In 1914 came to England and studied at Queen’s College in Oxford. B.Litt. 1916. Active in politics as socialist he could not get academic position when returned to Australia in 1917. In 1921 back to England, became librarian of Royal Anthropological Institute. In 1927-46 Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at Edinburgh. In 1947-56 director of the Institute of Archaeology, London, then retired and returned to Australia. Unmarried.

He was a famous historian, especially of prehistoric Europe, for whom the Indus civilization was only a side interest. He remained committed to socialist ideas and adopted Marxism. Committed suicide.

Publications: Much on (pre)history unrelated to India.

The Aryans. Study of Indo-European Origins. 221 p. L. 1926.

The Most Ancient East: The Oriental Prelude to European Prehistory. 272 p. L. 1929, rev. as New Light on the Most Ancient East. L. 1934 and further editions.

– “India and the West before Darius”, Antiquity 13, 1939, 5-15; “Megaliths”, Anc. India 4, 1947-48, 4-13.

Sources: Who Was Who 1951-60; Wikipedia with photo and references, very long and detailed article.

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