CANALEJAS, Francisco de Paula

CANALEJAS, Francisco de Paula. Lucena 2.4.1834 — Madrid 4.5.1883. Spanish Scholar of Literature interested in Indo-European. Studies at Madrid, graduated in humanities 1856, in law 1857, Ph.D. 1858. In 1860-62 Professir of Literature at Valladolid, then eo. Professor at Madrid. Also worked as advocate. Attended Garcia Ayuso’s Sanskrit classes in the early 1870s. Mainly worked on comparative literature. Married with Constance Harrison.

Publications: Leyes que presiden a la lenta y constante sucesión de los idiomas en la historia Indo-europea. 1869; “De la cronologia en la formación des lenguas Indo-Europeas”, Boletín-Revista de la Universidad de Madrid 1870.

Writings unrelevant in present context.

Sources: Alvarez 50f.; Spanish Wikipedia.

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