CLAYTON, Albert Charles

CLAYTON, Albert Charles. St.Helens, Merseyside 1869 — 1956. Rev. British Methodist Missionary in South India, a Tamil Scholar. Educated in Hull and Liverpool, studies at University College, London. In 1934 apparently still in Madras, in 1941 living in Bournemouth, England.

Publications: “The Paraiyan, and the Legend of Nandan”, Madras Govt. Museum, Bulletin 5, 1906, 53-97.

A Key to Rev. Pope’s “A handbook of the Tamil language”. 151 p. Madras 1909; rev. Arden’s Progressive Grammar of the Tamil Language. 1934, new ed. 1941.

The Rig-Veda and Vedic Religion. 292 p. L. 1913.

A classified catalogue of Protestant Tamil Christian Literature. 51 p. Madras 1918.

Christian Literature in India and Ceylon. 15+116 p. Madras 1920.

Graded Tamil Reader. 1-2. Madras 1934-48; An Introduction to Spoken Tamil. 359 p. Madras 1939.

Religious works.

Sources:; stray notes in Internet; works in N.U.C.

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