CLEMENTS, Ernest S. 1873 — 19??. Sir. British Civil Servant and Musicologist in India. District Judge in Satara (1910), then in Dharwar (1918). Still active in London in 1937. As an early Western student of Indian music his approach has been characterized “sober and analytical compared to those of Fox Strangways and Cousins” (Abels). With K. B. Deval in 1911 founder of the Philharmonic Society of Western India.

Publications: Introduction to the Study of Indian Music. An Attempt to Reconcile Modern Hindustani Music with Ancient Musical Theory and to Propound an Accurate and Comprehensive Method of Treatment of the Subject of Indian Musical Intonation. 104 p. L. 1913.

– “Music (Indian)”, E.R.E. 9, 1917, 43-48.

The Ragas of Hindustan. 1-4. Poona 1918-29; with W. Natrajan, Theory and the Notation of Karnatic Music: The Ragas of Tanjore. 146 p. L. 1920.

Lectures on Indian music. Delivered in the University of Bombay in January 1926. 42 p. Bombay 1927.

Sources: B. Abels, The Harmonium in North-Indian Music. Delhi 2010, 48ff.; stray notes in Internet.

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