CŒDÈS, Georges

CŒDÈS, Georges. Paris 10.8.1886 — Neuilly-sur-Seine 2.10.1969. French South-East Asian Scholar (Historian and Epigraphist). Descended from a family of Hungarian jews. Educated at Lycée Carnot, from 1903 studies of German language (diplom 1906). After one year in Germany in 1908-09 teacher of German at Lycée Condorcet, then served in army. Interested early in South and especially South-East Asian studies (Sanskrit and Khmer), contributed epigraphical articles since 1905. In 1911 diplom of É.P.H.É. (sciences relig., with a diss. on Angkor reliefs, under Foucher) and a scholarship of E.F.E.O. in Cambodia. From 1914 professeur de philologie indochinoise there (a research position without much teaching). In 1918-26 Conservator in National Library of Thailand and in 1927-29 General Secretary of Royal Institut in Bangkok. In 1929-47 Director of É.F.E.O. in Hanoi. After 1947 living in retirement in Paris. He had never a teaching post, although gave some courses (1947-51 at É.L.O.V.). One of the most appreciated historians of SE Asia of his times. Married a lady of Cambodian aristocracy, children.

Publications: Textes d’auteurs grecs et latins relatifs à l’Extrême-Orient. 31+187 p. P. 1910.

– “Notes sur les ouvrages palis composés en pays thai”, BEFEO 15, 1915, 39-46.

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Les États hindouisés d’Indochine et d’Indonésie. 11+468 p. P. 1948 (1st ed. Hanoi 1944); English transl. Honolulu 1968; Les peuples de la péninsule indochinoise: histoire, civilisations. 228 p. P. 1962; English transl. The making of Southeast Asia. Honolulu 1969.

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a great number of articles in BEFEO, JA, etc.

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