CODRINGTON, Oliver. 5.5.1837 — 1931. British Physician and Numismatist. Son of Rev. T. S. C. (Vicar of Wroughton), educated at the Royal Free Grammar School in Marlborough and the London Hospital. M.D. From 1859 to 1885 served in the Army Medical Department, and participated in the New Zealand war in 1864-66. After few years in Burma he was moved to Bombay, returned to England in 1886. Deputy surgeon-general. In 1897 living in Clapham, England. Librarian of R.A.S. 1891-1919.

Publications: A manual of Musalman Numismatics. As. Soc. Monogr. 7. 1904; articles on Oriental numismatics and archaeology (JBRAS, JRAS, NC).

– “Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, and Turkish MSS. in the Library of the Royal Asiatic Society”, JRAS 1892, 501-569 (Hindustani by Browne).

Sources: M. Longworth Dames, JRAS 1921, 303f.; Buckland, Dictionary (the only source in Br. Biogr. Arch. 2nd Series).


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