CODRINGTON, Kenneth de Burgh

CODRINGTON, Kenneth de Burgh. India 5.6.1899 — 1.1.1986. British Archaeologist and Art Historian of India. Son of colonel H. de B. C. of Indian army, grew up in the North-West Frontier. Educated at Sherbane School and Cadet College, Wellington, India, then at Corpus Christi in Cambridge and Wadham College in Oxford. In 1917 joined Indian army, invalided 1921. B.A. 1921, M.A. 1926. Professor of Archaeology and Fellow of Graduate School at University of Cincinnati 1925-26. From 1931 Honorary Lecturer at University College and S.O.A.S. in London, from 1948 Professor of Indian Archaeology there. Retired in 1966. In 1935-48 also Keeper of Indian Section in Victoria and Albert Museum. In 1940-42 on archaeological mission in Afghanistan, but in fact worked for British intelligence. In 1940 at Hackin’s excavations in, in 1972 directed the excavations at Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Married in 1927 Philippa Christine.

Publications: Ancient India from the earliest times to the Guptas. L. 1926.

An Introduction to the Study of Medieval Indian Sculpture. 31 p. 24 pl. L. 1929.

An Introduction to the Study of Islamic Art of India. 1934.

The Woods of the Image. 1934.

The Study of Indian Art. 174 p. Chowkh. Skr. Studies 101. Varanasi 1988.

articles on art, archaeology, and numismatics.

Sources: Who Was Who 1981-1990.


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