COLLIN, August Zacharias

COLLIN, August Zacharias. Glimåkra 23.8.1833 — Göteborg 23.7.1886. Swedish School Teacher interested in Sanskrit. Son of the minister of Glimåkra Martin Elmgren C. and Charlotta Sofia Olin. In 1852-56 studies at Lund (1856 fil.kand.), in 1858 presented his dissertation, 1859 Ph.D. (fil.dr.). Originally interested in chemistry and modern languages, in the 1860s began to study Sanskrit. He was in 1861 in England and France, in 1862-63, 1867, and 1874-75 in Germany. According to Charpentier his Meghadūta translation is a poor accomplishment, but the stay at Tübingen (Roth) in 1874-75 made him a much better Sanskritist. He became a Docent of chemistry at Lund in 1858 and a school teacher in Lund 1859. From 1864 until his death he worked as a Lektor at Härnösand school trying to obtain a university post without success. Since the late 1860s he suffered often of ill health. He was unmarried.

Publications: translated: Meghaduta. Molnbudet. 8+80 p. Helsingborg 1866; “Apahâravarmans äfventyr. Af Dandin”, Lund Univ. Årsskrift 1867, 33 p.; “Om och ur Rigveda”, Ur vår tids forskning 1877-78 (together 220 p.).

dissertations at Lund, e.g.: An Essay on the Scoto-English dialect. 85 p. 1862; Recherches sur les diphthongues de la langue française. 32 p. 1863; Examen critique des étymologies islandaises. 22 p. 1864; Sur le conjunctions gothiques. 40 p. 1876; several further publications on Germanic and Swedish philology, school-books etc.

Sources: Charpentier, “Indol. studier i Sverige”, Sv. Orientsällsk. Årsbok 1924, 66; C. S. J. Collin, Sv. Biogr. Lexikon 8, 1929, 741-745 with photo; briefly in Swedish Wikipedia.


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