COLLINS, Georges

COLLINS, Georges François Guillaume Jean Jacques. Lyon 2.2.1825 — Vichy 17.6.1882. French Protestant Priest and Scholar of History of Religion. In 1845-49 studies in Geneva, bachelier en théologie Strasbourg 1849 and soon ordained as priest. Served as minister in Clermont-Ferrand (1850-61) and Besançon (1861-65), then for the Huguenot (Walloon) congregation of Rotterdam, until his death.

Publications: Translated from Dutch: C. P. Tiele, Histoire comparée des anciennes religions de l’Egypte et des peuples sémitiques. 16+510 p. P. 1882; H. Kern, Histoire du Bouddhisme dans l’Inde, abridged transl. publ. in RHR 4, 1881, 149-165; 5, 1882, 49-88 & 145-226; 7, 1883, 17-33 (and continued by Ch. Michel).

A few religious works and and articles, and a collection of sermons published posthumously (P. 1884).

Sources: Death noted in RHR 7, 1883; further information kindly offered by Maxime Ravel, referring to Bulletin de la Commission de l’histoire des églises wallonnes 11, 1887, 288f. and to a photo in

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