COX, George

COX, George William. Benares 10.1.1827 — Walmer, Kent 9.2.1902. Rev., 14th Baronet. British Historian. The eldest son of Captain George Hamilton Cox and Eliza Kearton. Sent to England in 1836, educated in Bath, Ilminster and Rugby. Studies at Trinity College, Oxford (B.A., 1859 M.A.), ordained 1850. Served 1851-53 as chaplain in Gibraltar, in 1853-54 in South Africa, from 1854 curate of St. Paul’s, Exeter. In 1877 claimed the Irish baronetcy after the death of his uncle and his right to the title was disallowed only after his death in 1911 (it was the uncle who had wrongly claimed it after the death of a distant cousin). In 1881-97 rector of the crown living of Scrayingharn, Yorkshire. Married 1850 Emily Maria Stirling (1833–1898), their son was —> Edmund Charles Cox, also 4 other sons and two daughters. In his mythological studies he followed Max Müller.

Publications: The Mythology of the Aryan Nations. 1-2. 20+460+15+397 p. L. 1870, 2nd ed. L. 1882 (Aryan = IE).

History of the Establishment of British Rule in India. 290 p. L. 1881.

Many books on Greek and English history, mythology, even poetry.

Sources: G.S.W[oods], D.N.B. 2nd Suppl. 433f.; Wikipedia (following Woods).

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