COURT, Henry

COURT, Henry. 1??? — 1???. British Colonial Officer in India. Major. There were at least three Major Henry Courts, father (1783–1874), son (Ripley, Surrey 18.5.1822 – Eton, Berkshire 30.5.1891, in 1861 Commissioner in Meerut) and grandson (Dinapore 10.5.1843 – Croydon, Surrey 1892). The eldest is certainly not possible, but I cannot decide between the two. The suggests the youngest.

Publications: Translated: The Nusr-i-benazeer or, The incomparable prose of Meer Hasan. 108 p. Simla 1871, 2nd ed. 1889; Selections from the Kulliyat or complete Works of Mirza Rafi-oos-Sauda. 50 p. Simla 1872; The Araish-i-mahfil, or the Ornament of the Assembly, literally translated from the Oordoo. 184 p. Allahabad 1871, 2nd ed. Calcutta 1882; History of the Sikhs or a translations of the Sikhān de Rāj dī Vikhiā with a short Gurmukhi Grammar. 239 p. Lahore 1888.


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