CRAVEN, Thomas

CRAVEN, Thomas. Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales 28.3.1844 — 1919. Rev. U.S. (born Welsh) Methodist Missionary in India. Son of Henry Cr. and Eliza Poval., grew up in Evanston, Ill. Educated at Northwestern University (M.A.) and Garrett Bible Seminary. B.D. From 1870 in India, worked in Lucknow. Married 1870 Jane Maria Wells  (1836–1914), four children.

Publications: The Royal School Dictionary, in English and Roman Urdu. 273 p. Lucknow 1880, new ed. 1-2. 471+600 p. Lucknow 1893; The Gem Dictionary, in English and Hindustani. Lucknow 1881; The Popular Dictionary in English–Hindustani and Hindustani–English. 200+200 p. Lucknow 1881, Rev. & enl. ed. by B. H. Badley. Lucknow 1889.

The English and Hindi Dictionary: an etymological, idiomatic and illustrated Dictionary. Lucknow 1889, new ed. Lucknow 1894.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet – much remains unclear, also with his publications;

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