CRAUFURD, Quintin. Kilwinning, Ayrshire 22.9.1743 — Paris 23.11.1819. British (Scottish) Civil Servant in India. Younger son of the elder Quintin Cr. and Ann Robinson. As a typical Nabob he earned a fortune in India in E.I.C.’s service. Returned from India in 1780 and in 1783 settled in Paris, where he was familiar with the royal family and during the revolution tried to help them to escape in 1791 and 1792, but failed. Then lived among French émigrés in Brussels, Frankfurt and Vienna until the peace of Amiens (1802) made it possible to return to Paris. Married 1811 Anna Eléonora Franchi.

Publications: Sketches chiefly relating to the history, religion, learning, and manners, of the Hindoos. With a concise account of the present state of the native powers of Hindostan. L. 1790, 2nd ed. 7+422 p. L. 1792, French transl. 1791.

Researches concerning the Laws, Theology, Learning and Commerce of Ancient and Modern India. 1-2. L. 1817.

Also Wrote on French history and literature and other matters.

Sources: *H.S.Ashbee, “Q.Cr.”, Annuaire de la Société des amis des livres 1891, 23 p.; H.M.S[tephens], D.N.B. 13, 1888, 40f.;Wikipedia (from Enc. Br.).

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