CONIO, Caterina

CONIO, Caterina. Santo Stefano al Mare 1929 — Milano 1996. Italian Indologist. Daughter of a bank director. grew up in Firenze. Graduated 1964 from Catholic University of Milano. Further studies at Banaras Hindu Uni­ver­sity (T. R. V. Murthy) and Münster (Hacker). From 1974 until death taught Indian religion and philosophy at University of Pisa. Interested in Hindu-Catholic interreligious discourse and especially in Henri Le Saux.

Publications: The philosophy of Mandukya Karika. 244 p. Varanasi 1971 (diss.).

Il Pensiero indiano: introduzione bibliografico-metodologica. Milano 1972.

Mito e filosofia nella tradizione indiana. Le cosmogonie nei Mahapurana. 194 p. Studi di filosofia 10. Milano 1974.

Induismo. Milano 1984.

Abhisiktananda: sulle frontiere dell’incontro cristiano-indu. Assisi 1994.

articles on Indian philosophy, IT 8-9, 1980-81, 103-111.

Sources: Italian Wikipedia.


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