CONGREVE, Harry. 18?? — 1???. British Officer in India. Lieutenant-Colonel, of Madras Artillery (no longer in service in 1878). According to Google summary a “Were Carpenter” page (which “does not exist”) seems to mention Harry C., retired of Madras army, born c. 1811 in London and died there 21.2.1879.

Publications: “Some observations on a remarkable cromlech near Pullicondah in the Carnatic”, MJLS 13, 1844-45, 47-51; “The antiquities of the Neilgherry hills including an inquiry into the descent of the Thautuwar or Todars”, MJLS 14, 1847, 77-146; “On druidical and other antiquities between Mettapoliam in Coimbatore and Karnul in the Tungabhadra”, MJLS 1878, 150-168, 6 pl.

Sources: Not in Buckland, not in Br. Biogr. Archives 1st & 2nd Series; scanty stray notes in Internet.

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