CORDIER, Henri. New Orleans 8.8.1849 — Cairo, Egypt 16.3.1925. French Scholar of Asian History. Son of Erneste-Eugène C., a Savoyan working in the U.S.A. as businessman and banker, and Amélie-Henriette Oudin. In 1852 he came to France with his mother and was educated in Paris, while his parents were in Shanghai. In 1867-69 in England, then went to Shanghai, where he worked in business, but was also interested in studies. In 1871 librarian of North China Branch of R.A.S. In 1876 returned to France and never again visited Asia. From 1881 charge du cours d’histoire, géographie et de législation d’Extrême-Orient and from 1888 Professor of “Géographie, histoire et institutions des états de l’Extréme-Orient” at É.L.O.V. in Paris. Though he did not know well any Asian language, he did an extremely important work with his studies on early Western sources on Asia, and though his emphasis was on China, he cannot be left unmentioned even in connection of India. Also very important bibliographical works.

Publications: a great number of articles and a few books on the history of Western relations of China and the history of China missions and of Sinology.

edited Revue d’Extrême-Orient 1-3. 1882-87. Later editor of TP.

much revised new edition of H. Yule’s Marco Polo. 1903-20, with copious notes.

bibliographies: Bibliotheca Sinica. 1-2. 14+1408 col. P. 1878-95, 2nd ed. 1-3. P. 1904-24; Bibl. Japonica. 762 col. PEFEO 5:8. P. 1912; Bibl. Indosinica. 1-4 = PEFEO 15-18. 3037 col. P., 1912-15 & 5. Index par M.-A. Roland-Cabaton. 359 p. P. 1932.

Histoire générale de la Chine et de ses relations avec les pays étrangers depuis les temps les plus anciens jusqu’à la chute de la dynastie mandchoue. 1-4. Paris 1920.

ed. & tr. Les Merveilles de l’Asie par le Père Jourdain Catalani de Séverac. 125 p. 19 pl. P. 1925

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