DU JARRIC, Pierre. Toulouse 2.3.1566 — Saintes (Charente-Maritime) 1617. S.J. French Historian of Mission. Joined Jesuits in 1582. When his hope to become a missionary was not accepted he turned to writing mission history. Ordained priest he taught many years philosophy and moral theology in Bordeaux. Beside mission his work contains much about colonial history and ethnography.

Publications: Histoire des choses plus memorables advenues tant ez Indes orientales, que autres païs de la descouverte des Portugois... 1-3. 12+699+17, 10+699+41, 12+1067+37 p. Bordeaux 1608-14 and many editions, also Latin transl. by M. Matthia Martinez. Coloniae Agr. 1615, long extract tr. in English Akbar and the Jesuits. An Account of the Jesuit Missions to the Court of Akbar by Father P. Du J., S.J. Transl. by C. H. Payne. 48+288 p. L. 1926.

His only other work is the French translation of the Soul’s Paradise by Albertus Magnus. Bordeaux 1616.

Sources: Payne’s Introduction; Wikipedia.

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